09 Dec 16

Lately, I’ve been feeling so much more at peace. The last seven days have been more relaxed in my career, my health and my life.

The last time you’ve heard from me, I was having issues with my menstrual cycle. I went to the doctor about it, and though the gynecologist couldn’t really explain the excess bleeding, but immediately suggested a blood test. The results proved me to be “dangerously anemic,” meaning my iron levels were so low, my strength and overall health was fading. This fact also explains why I was exceedingly irritable, always tired and constantly weak. She put me on a subscription for daily iron and ordered me to come back in two weeks time for another test. It’s been a week since I’ve started consuming the supplement and well, I feel a lot better. As far as the bleeding, it’s the ninth of this month and has been two weeks since my last menstrual period. It would seem as though the irregularity has stopped. But I would rather not speak too soon.

In other news, I met a man in Brazil named Marcos. Two nights ago, I was curious enough to search for new people to talk to. Do you know what happens when you keep searching for something? You find it. In the mix of inappropriate and quite vulgar connections (of whom, I skipped past), I met two decent and humane people. One who was only amusing for a brief conversation and one who piqued a great amount of my interest. Marcos typed in english very well, but because he spoke Portuguese primarily, it was broken.. He told me how beautiful Brazil is and of his interest in American culture. Now, I’m not one for engaging with complete strangers, but I was so intrigued for multiple reasons. The main one being that I wrote a story earlier this year that included a princess who was adopted from Portugal (Maybe one day, I’ll share said tale.) I had to learn a few phrases of the language in order to make that part of the narrative more realistic. Additionally, I could tell Marcos needed a bit of practice speaking in real-time english conversation. If you think about it, every one we know was a complete stranger at one time, right?

Marcos and I video chatted for three consecutive hours. He stayed in the conversation until 1am his time (About 10pm CT). He taught me some terms in Portuguese and I corrected some of his english pronunciation. I learned of Brazilian history and current problems while he learned of some… American customs. He sent me pictures of animals he often encounters (like the capybara, a large rodent we in U.S. never see) and I responded with the American adaptation of “normal”. It was a great feeling because I know we both walked away having learned so much. I would definitely like to speak to him again. Who knows? Maybe I’ll have a friend to see whenever I visit Latin America.


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